Testimonial: Jill and Ryan

My husband and I have children and were renting a home before we met Jay. Our mortgage provider actually recommended him to us. Prior to that, we had conducted website research on our own and made calls to some builders. None of them returned our call, but Jay did.

Jay’s honesty was important to us.

There were things we wanted. For instance, I do a lot of cooking, so having a big kitchen was important. He teased that the house was built around the kitchen, but in actuality, it was. Some of our ideas were lofty. When that happened, Jay would tell us the truth if it couldn’t be done. However, other things we wanted, like a storm shelter under the porch, he made happen. If it was doable, he’d do it. If it wasn’t, he told us.

Have a sit down, heart to heart with Jay.

We certainly had plenty of questions, but Jay was very good at getting back to us and explaining the procedure. He was straight-forward and honest throughout the process. We recommend doing your research on builders in the area. Have a sit down and heart to heart with Jay to let him know what you want in your house. If your gut tells you he’s the guy, hire him! It worked for us.

I loved our house so much, I went to work for Jay!

Yes, it’s true. May 2016 will be two years as the project manager for Jay Murphy Homes. I came from a project management background, so I appreciate the value of keeping a timeline moving forward. Jay was very good at doing this on his own, but he had a need for someone to help with the process. My husband joked with Jay at one of our meetings about our house that he would hire me one day. When our house was built, that’s just what happened!

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Testimonial: Wade and Sue

My wife and I met Jay kind of by accident. We were from out of town, trying to find where our friend lived when we saw an open house. We liked the outside, so we stopped in. The floor plan was ideal, minus a few adjustments, and we liked Jay right away. We were interested in having him build our house after we left. As it turned out, he built our friend’s home (they highly recommended him) as well as other houses in the neighborhood.

Jay was a great fit for us.

Everything went pretty quickly. We lived an hour away while our house was being built, but it wasn’t a problem. Jay communicated with us through the whole process and promptly addressed any concerns or questions we had.

We are empty nesters.

My wife and I wanted a place to entertain with an open floor plan, but we got more than that: the entire house had such great flow. We even used brick and tile from our old house for our fireplace, which helped customize our home even further.

Jay Murphy, the Realtor.

After living in our home for about seven years, we are moving again. We decided to have Jay be our realtor. For us, it just makes sense. He knows the neighborhood, but more importantly, he knows our house, he knows us, and we trust him. VIEW HOMES IN THE GALLERY

Testimonial: Mike and Jeri

My wife and I weren’t planning on moving our kids into a new home. We’d never built a house before, nor had we even considered it. We were friends with Jay and he joked about building a neighborhood for us. We didn’t realize he was actually serious until he approached us with an intriguing offer. We talked about it for months, discussing what we wanted to do, before we actually broke ground. But once my wife and I decided to go for it, the process took about three months.

Yes, we were friends before we built.

In some situations, being friends can make matters more complicated. However, it was never an issue with Jay. He was extremely professional and easy to work with. And because we were at the house almost every day to walk through it, we got to know the framers and the workers. Meeting the people making our house helped alleviate some of the nerves building a house can bring.

“It’ll be okay.”

This was one of the most frequent statements Jay said to my wife. I’ll admit that building a house can be stressful. From beginning to end, there are many decisions to make. It can get overwhelming very quickly. One of the great things about Jay is he’s confident in what he does. He made it easy to trust him and personally took us through each step. He recognized when we needed reassurance and was always there to answer any questions or concerns we had.

Jay builds a house thinking you’re going to sell it someday.

There were things we wanted to do to the house, and Jay gave his honest, professional opinion for or against them. But more importantly, he explained why. He knows the market. He understands what is selling and what isn’t. He also knows that even when someone plans on staying in a house, life happens and sometimes the house goes up for sale. So, with this in mind, he is not only building for our future, he’s protecting it. VIEW HOMES IN THE GALLERY

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