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Custom-built homes
designed exclusively for you.

If you’re looking to custom-build your home in Cedar Rapids, Marion, or the surrounding area, let Jay Murphy build you a home of extraordinary beauty and superior quality.

Jay will create a design to give you the living experience you and your loved ones deserve.

In the last 12+ years, Jay has built exquisite homes, tailored to fit a variety of needs and desires. He draws his own floor plans, which saves you money. He has a tenured background in mortgage lending and has been a trusted realtor for more than three decades.

Through his valuable professional experience, Jay understands what it costs to customize your home the way you want it and where its resale value fits in the market.

Call Jay Murphy today at (319) 270-4174 or email him at jay@jaymurphyhomes.com to set up a free consultation!

100+ Custom Homes in Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Beyond

Floor Plans Created Specifically for You

Design Choices that Match Your Unique Style

Licensed Realtor Since 1985

Project Management that Matches Your Personality


“My wife and I happened to stop in and look at one of Jay’s model homes and liked it. We were impressed with how honest and friendly Jay was, so we didn’t look at any other builders. The process ran really smoothly. If you’re thinking of having Jay build your house, we say, go for it!”
“If you’re thinking about building your next home, we strongly recommend you meet with Jay and tell him what you want. You should walk through one of his houses to see what he can do in person. Some builders just put a house up, but Jay spends the time to work with you so your home is done right.”
“We love our home. It was an enjoyable process and if there was an issue, Jay took care of it. He truly cares about what he does and his network of people are highly reputable in the industry. Jay built us a quality product. We believe you can’t go wrong with Jay Murphy Homes!”
“A lot of people say what they need to in order to get your business, but we didn’t feel that way at all with Jay. We felt like a priority to him, that our house was a priority.”
“There were things we wanted to do to the house, and Jay gave his honest, professional opinion for or against them. But more importantly, he explained why. He knows the market. He understands what is selling and what isn’t. He also knows that even when someone plans on staying in a house, life happens and sometimes the house goes up for sale. So, with this in mind, he is not only building for our future, he’s protecting it.”


Jay Murphy Homes has a reputation for building custom homes with the highest level of quality, design, and style.

Interested? Call Jay at (319) 270-4174 or email him today!